Keith Cooke Studio

Cardio Kickboxing

Taught to uplifting music, Keith Cooke's Cardio Kickboxing is an awesome
fat-burning, heart pumping, total body workout! Taught with high energy, these classes employ real and proper technique giving you a fun and safe workout and a solid foundation in kickboxing. Sculpting is designed to get you long and lean muscle making you feel stronger.

Martial Arts for Kids

Little Dragons (4 -5 years old)

Little Dragons meet once a week for a half hour session. Our program focuses on developing strong karate basics along with coordination and concentration while having a great time! When they have reached yellow belt or an appropriate level, our instructor will move them into a twice a week Kids Program where their training and education will continue to expand.

Kids Program (6 -8 years old)

A bit more intense than Little Dragons, kids are required to attend classes at least twice a week to really benefit from the program structure. More movements and techniques which involve memorization and discipline are introduced which need to be practiced more than just once a week.

Our instructors will guide your child towards greater balance, confidence, and self-esteem. Over time, kids will begin to feel and understand the benefits of the martial arts. When your child reached this point, you will be able to see it in his/her eyes!

Juniors Program (9 -15 years old)

Our Juniors Program encompasses the same basic structure as the kids program with continued focus on physical and mental discipline. In addition, goal setting and character development skills are emphasized.


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